R&D Projects

Academic Development Projects

  • A high-performance implementation of general undirected probabilistic graphical models Apr. 2017 ~ Mar. 2021
    • C++: control and manipulation of features, probabilistic graph, model inference and training, multi-threaded control (~ 12.7k lines of code)
    • CUDA C++: support for multiple GPU devices for accelerated computing (~ 1.7k lines of code)
    • Published a conference paper in HPCC’18 (detail)
    • Supports user trust inference in large social networks, published a journal article (detail)
    Funded by NSFC grants & NBRRC (973 Program)
  • Fiber optic sensing for air pressure Mar. 2010 ~ Jun. 2012
    • Manufacture of fiber optic fabry-perot pressure sensor using laser-machined diaphragm and anodic bonding techniques
    • Code for data collection, processing and display program
    Funded by NBRRC (973 Program)
  • Image restoration for wavefront coding system Dec. 2008 ~ Jun. 2009
    • Implemented and compared image restoration algorithms/methods including direct inverse filter, wiener filter and blind deconvolution, using MATALB
    • Code for image restoration using the wiener filter method and image display, using C++/MFC
    Funded by NSFC grant

Other Deveopment Projects

  • MyBB forum software Been on the Team since May 2020
    Supported by the MyBB open-source community
  • AutoSeed for Beiyangyuan PT May 2011 ~ Jun. 2012
    • Supports multi-profile management and multi-threaded processing
    • Monitors folders, calls exterior programs to unzip, creating bittorrent files, interacting with web services
    developed with ❤️